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Time and cost savings in bioprocess operations through efficient data management 


Dive into the essential world of consistent and dependable data handling and analysis, as recommended by the International Council for Harmonization (ICH) Q10.  

Discover how a leading biotech company conquered its data challenges using a unified software platform, leading to enhanced bioprocess efficiency – including streamlined analysis, faster decision-making, stronger interdepartmental cooperation, and effortless extraction of critical insights. 

Including case study of biotech company Bota Bio



Over the past two decades, the production capacity of the target product remained stagnant due to strain modification challenges. The slow growth, the complexity of genetic modification, and unidentified bottlenecks in the metabolic pathway posed significant obstacles for strain improvement. 



Bota Bio developed a high throughput genetic modification method tailored for this industrial strain, established an efficient screening platform for semi-rational and random mutagenesis, and thoroughly assessed strain performance using a high-precision parallel fermentation system. With help of PAS-X Savvy, Bota has optimized the fermentation process, achieved remarkable performance reproducibility, exceeding 80 percent.  



The modified strain, combined with optimized fermentation process, significantly increased the strain’s fermentation performance; Under the same facilities, this led to increased annual production, reduced production costs, substantial growth in net profit and benefited the up- and downstream. 

« PAS-X Savvy provides an intuitive interface and powerful features, which simplify insights, visualization, and informed decisions. From basic stats to advanced machine learning, it meets diverse user needs. Highly recommended for accuracy, speed, and user-friendly analysis. With streamlined interface and batch comparison, it's effortless to extract valuable insights. »

Yishu Tai_round

Yishu Tai
VP of Process
Bota Bio

PAS-X Savvy interface

Bota Bio can easily manage 24h automatic fermentation sampling with PAS-X Savvy. 

About Bota Bio

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The Bota Biosciences, Ltd. (Bota Bio) is a global industrial biotechnology company focused on programming biological systems for the clean and efficient bio-manufacturing of common household and industrial products. Bota Bio is led by an experienced, multidisciplinary team of industry veterans combining data and automation to translate biotechnologies into business value and consumer welfare. Since 2021, Bota Bio has implemented PAS-X Savvy at the sites of Hangzhou in China and Lafayette in the USA. 

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